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Test Set: 5 x 100s (full width, no extras)

Test Set

Results will be sent to this email.
Pool equipment, life-jackets, kick-boards, pbs, chair, fins, and tiny electronic pace clock at pool in Wheeling, WV, at The Lindsey School.

Gordy’s 5 x 100s test set

Test Set

Test set: 5 x 100s on an interval.

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Gordy's test set, as talked about in the Facebook group, Swim Coaches Idea Exchange, is 5 x 100s on a send off that is about 20-seconds slower than the swimmer's 100-pace in the 500 Free.

Form allows for one to eight swimmers.

Swimmers' names can be nick-names, first names only, initials, whatever. Don't feel as if you need to enter the full name of the swimmers.

The interval notation can include extras, such as @ 1:30 FLY with fins. 

The interval is set to be around 20-seconds slower than the 100-pace of that swimmer's 500 free race time. So, if a swimmer is doing the 500-yard free in a time of 5:25, the 100 pace is 1:05. Adding 20-seconds would make a suitable interval equal to 1:25. 

Do the first 100 from a dive and the following four 100s from a push-off of the wall, and not a dive. 

Time range: 45-to-99 seconds. 

If the 100 times need to be faster than :45, another form or a coding tweak can be made. Likewise, if the times are slower than 99-seconds, (99 = 1:39), sorry. You might want to do either 50s or 75s, or have the swimmer put on fins for faster times so as to insure that no repeat is slower than the max time of 99-seconds. Otherwise, a code change is needed for the form.

The 100 times are recorded on a slider, by half-second steps from :45.00 to 99.00. 

The times in the field below the slider can be adjusted to tenths and hundredths. Once the field is edited, the slider does not over-write the value typed into the respective field.

The results are emailed to the coach's email along with a CSV attachement that can be opened and put into a spreadsheet. The data transfer via email and the data preservation elements are not yet refined.

Suggestions welcomed to

Results will be sent to this email.

Three panel brochure for AutoCoach stopwatch


The Stopwatch

Finally, a stopwatch built for the 21st century.

The AutoCoach Stopwatch is unique in that it is designed to be used for training, coaching and racing.

It can be used to automate interval and pace sets, perform test sets, analyse data (including DPS, Stroke Index, SWOLF), communicate with swimmers, simulate or operate race meets and much more.

The System

Additional equipment can be integrated wirelessly with the stopwatch in order to unlock its full potential.

LED Display

Used to display times, splits and starting commands.

Speaker Unit

Used for race starts as a P.A. and communicating times audibly to athletes.

AutoCoach ONE

Communicate with athletes, allow them to receive real-time feedback on times, splits and other data.

Systems are expandable and customizable, can be made suitable for amateur clubs, schools or even elite squads.

Products are modular and can be built or customized to fit your needs.

Why Switch?

Improve your coaching.

Being able to receive and analyse data realtime, and being able to communicate that information to your athletes is good.

Being able to do so automatically using technology, on pool deck, whilst your coaching, is even better.

Improve your training sessions.

Being able to emulate race starts during training sessions makes the experience more engaging, as well as more realistic,making race prep so much easier.

The added ability to automate interval training, as well as automate more advanced sets such as “Pace” will allow you to focus more on what matters, your swimmers.

Experience the future.

Our products are being used around the world by more than 200 coaches, athletes and schools in 30+ countries, from amateur to elite, to improve the way they train, coach and race.

Why not join them?

Key Functions

Watch Mode

Performs the role similar to that of two stopwatches. Includes features like reaction-compensation and dual-timing.

Speed Mode

Measure an athlete’s speed over specific sections in a given course. Includes features like DPS measuring.

Interval / Pace Mode

*Requires use of a speaker and LED unit.

Automate interval and pace sets for an unlimited number of swimmers. Includes features like customizable time cycles.

Race Mode

*Requires use of a speaker and LED unit.

Simulate or operate race meets in training or at meets. Includes features such as built-in-commands and false starts.

Splits / Graph Mode

Review splits collected with generated times and graphs.

About Us

AutoCoach was created in 2011 by Olympic Coach Ian Pope and Experienced Engineer, Dean Sharples, in an effort to use technology to automate a variety of coaching tasks.

Several years later, it has grown and developed into one of the most innovative sporting technology companies in the world, revolutionizing the role of a stop watch and the use of technology in swimming training, racing and coaching.

Through creating innovation and connecting individuals, we strive to re-imagine what it means to coach, train and race.


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