Mask the entry times in seconds and tenths and hundreth-of-seconds with CalderaForms


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For the benefit of fellow coders, and my fleeting memory:

The embed fits between the red lines below. Have to go to option "I" to find the success.

Aim is to get the masking to work so a time can be entered into the field without an error.

Time could be two digits for seconds and perhaps up to 2 digits for tenths and hundreths of seconds after a period.

Calculations need to work too.

Set up as single line text field with :99.99.

But should not allow, :79.99

Number such as 13.04 does not work


Must be 4 digits to do the math


Mask set at **.** Foil if char. Fails if not 4 digits.


Plus show up in field. Fail always.


[9|*] Fails as allows only 1 digit


[99.99|*] Fails, only 1 digit.

No pipe char. Brackets in. [99.99*]


Brackets out 99.99*


Bingo! This works, finally.

Can not put in 1-minute and 3 seconds and 10 tenths, such as 1:03.10. That number does not add. But, can put in 14, 14.1, 14.11 or even 14.11111111. The end result in the adding is money format, so it will keep to just 2 decimal places.

Do NOT make the field a HTML type as NUMBER as the decimal places cause a FAIL. [{9*}] but as type NUMBER, FAIL with 14.2 due to decimals.

[{9*}] as single line text and type text


[{9*}] but as type NUMBER, FAIL with 14.2 due to decimals.


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