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Aquatic leadership: Assist and help to craft smart questions for the open-source swim knowledge exams

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Test sets don't always need to be physical feats.

Our test sets have many dimensions and being smarter, with more knowledge and of better judgement in and around the water can lead to smarter individuals and communities. 

Taking care of oneself begins with better awareness of self as well as other facts and understandings of the world. 

Early and existing water safety quizzes

All are invited to take the online, water safety tests that accompany the four levels of certification with Experience the four different quizzes, each with 25 questions. Progress from Level 1 to Level 4, gaining access to the next level after successfully passing the prior quiz. 

Another aquatic quiz experience resides within the online course at called, Get Your Feet Wet -- Swimming.  

Make Your Own Quiz

All are invited to use the following form and submit your questions so that a custom test can be made for your students and community. 


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Make up a name, such as "Coach Jane's Age Group Swim Rules Awareness Test."
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Submit your question and answers:

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Coming in 2019: Test Set eBook

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Swimming's Test Set eBook

Ebook, under-development

A new, low-cost ebook is expected for release in 2019 by Coach Mark Rauterkus, This effort is being organized as a primer and open-source offering that may or may not be sold with some early editions, but the cost will not exceed $5. Later, the books chapters are to be released as open-source collections with a creative commons license. 

Widgets and web utilities that support the ebook are going to be crafted for various coaches who express an interest in collaboration on the content. A taste of a couple of these online forms are available now for your inspection and critiques. In due time, with your help, the various elements shift from alpha to beta and finally production versions. Then coaches, teams and swimmers can use these resources, and perhaps, mirror them at their own sites too.


  • 1
  • 2
    Tests, Quiz, and Brain Training
  • 3
    Around Aquatics
  • 4
    Level 1 to Level 4 in SKWIM's certification process
  • 5
    100s, intervals
  • 6
    SWOLF, Swimming & Golf, and other specialized tests
  • 7
    Pulse Plots, Heart Rate
  • 8
  • 9
    Test to failure
  • 10
    Physical Feats
  • 11
    Planning bits
  • 12

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