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Coach Mark Rauterkus offers color insights to the WPIAL Swim Championships

Swimmers bio insights desired for the WPIAL Meet


Optional Form

This is not an official form in regard to meet entries.
This info is to aid the broadcasters for the webcasting and has nothing to do with the meet management.
Your cooperation helps to make a better video - live and replay. Watch TribLive High School Sports Network.

Are you a swimmer, coach or fan of WPIAL swimming, or else a college swim coach?
Who is filling out this form?
Require valid email to submit.
Helps to better verify submitted information.
What School / Team are you with?

If different than above
Tips on how to pronounce swimmer's name correctly. (optional)
Share away, such as college ambitions, best memory, goals / expectations, etc.

New records, W/L, big victories?
Generally, what type of students are you trying to recruit? Team needs?
Past WPIAL swimmers who swam with you?

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PIAA track logo with word, official

Ellis T&F + Triathlon Spring Break Practice Planning Survey


Before spring break schedule:
  • Wednesday, March 13, 2019 = off. No practice.
  • Thursday = time trials at the track for 100, 200, 400 and then speed work.
  • Friday = back to track for practice, even if it is raining.
  • Saturday = swimming option, 11:30 to 1 pm at Northside's Allegheny Middle School

Thanks for filling out the following form!

Spring Break Practices

Check the dates as to when are you expecting to be able to attend team practices?

Some practices, perhaps from 4 to 6 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, would be at The Ellis School.
Some practices, perhaps from 4 to 6 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, would be at Schenley Park Oval / Track.
Some Saturday practices would be from 11:30 to 1 pm on the Northside at the swim pool at Allegheny Middle School on Arch Street, across the street from the Aviary.

If things change, you can fill out a new form and change your reply / status.

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Sandbox Tutorial for Caldera Forms on using check-box buttons with variable names


A simple case and tutorial from my sandbox

As I fiddle with Caldera Forms, a WordPress plug-in, I often make sandbox forms that allow for trial and error and can help to scaffold the overall project. 

In this form, the user can pick six colors. Really, any value is fine, but colors make sense as a placeholder: Red, blue, green, yellow, grey, black, white, whatever. 

In the right side of the top box, the user can turn on and turn off various buttons, check-boxes. 

The magic, with the magic tags, comes into play as the colors with the check-boxes on display. Six conditional statements are needed. 

I was hoping to find a way to put the value of the name of the check-box from a field variable. But that isn't something I was able to figure out. 

Adding the VARIABLE so that the proper color appears when active.

User gets to play around and turn off and on the six buttons.

What was done:

  1. Turned off the summary of the buttons that are not on.
  2. Replace the names with the proper variables.

Tips: Need the magic tag with %. It goes into the default field, not the placeholder field. Made six different conditional statements for SHOW.

This is the desired result.

The content only displays when there is something to report. Blank data is zapped from the screen. Less clutter. More clarity. A conditional expression is set to SHOW when the button is checked.

This is the SUMMARY, and is NOT the desired results

What shows below is far too much info, as it is showing everything that is happening.

Connections to coaching

Swimmers have different events to focus upon. Sally might be gearing for a great time in the 200 fly. Sam might be working to do well on the 100 free. The priorities of all the swimmers are often unique to that individual. So in this example, the favorite event, like a favorite color, can shift. Colors, and swim events, can come in any order.

On any given workout, there are a limited number of test sets and main sets and focus points that can be accomplished. Likewise, if one's favorite color is blue, you can't also wear five other colors all at the same time on the same day. One might wear blue for four of the days and on the fifth day wear an outfit that is not blue. Plus, on any day, one might wear blue and green, and on another day wear blue and white. So the combinations are plentiful. 

With this effort the coach can set up a mini-cycle and stress different events on different days and plan ahead. One can't do everything on every day. 

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