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6 x 100-yards on :05 rest, best effort

Test Set


Get the total time. Then subtract the rest. The rest is 5-seconds times 5-times. The rest time is 25-seconds. Then divide the swimming time by 6 and get the 100-pace, as per Kevin Kinel.

The 100-pace times is called Cruise 1 interval.

Add 5 seconds to the Cruise 1 interval to get the swimmer's Cruise 2 interval.

Add 10-seconds to the Cruise 1 interval to get the swimmer's Cruise 3 interval.

Example Swimmer

  1. Swimmer departs on the first 100 with the pace clock or stop watch at 0:00. 
  2. Swimmer does a time of 1:10 for the first 100. Clock at 1:10.
  3. Swimmer rests for 5-seconds after the first 100. Then departs on second 100. Clock at 1:15.
  4. Swimmer returns from second 100, doing a 1:15 swim. Clock at 2:30.
  5. Swimmer rests for 5-seconds after the second 100. Then departs on third 100. Clock at 2:35.
  6. Swimmer does the third 100 and swims a 1:16 time. Clock at 3:49.
  7. Swimmer rests for 5-seconds after the third 100. Then departs on fourth 100. Clock at 3:54.
  8. Swimmer does a time of 1:20 for the fourth 100. Ugh. Clock at 5:14.
  9. Swimmer rests for 5-seconds after the fourth 100 and then departs for fifth 100. Clock at 5:19.
  10. Swimmer does a time of 1:15 for the fifth 100. Clock at 6:34.
  11. Swimmer rests for 5-seconds and departs on the sixth 100. Clock at 6:39.
  12. Swimmer does a 1:10 on the sixth 100. Clock at 7:49. 

Resulting math of example swimmer

  • Total time of the set with swims and rest is 7:49. Calculation: 7:49 = 915 seconds.
  • Subtract the rest of 25 seconds gives a swim time of 7:24. Calculation 915 minus 25 = 890 seconds.
  • Divide the swim time, 7:24 by the number of 100s. Calculation: 890 divide by 6 = 148.3
  • Math to go to seconds is 7 minutes x 60 = 420 + 24 extra seconds = 444 total seconds.
  • Divide total seconds of swimming, 444, by 6 repetitions (did 6 x 100s), = 74 seconds. Calculation 74 seconds = (74-60) = 1:14.

Cruise Intervals

  • Cruise Interval #1 = 1:14 + :05 = 1:19
  • Cruise Interval #2 = 1:14 + :10 = 1:24
  • Cruise Interval #3 = 1:14 + :15 = 1:29

Real World Results

On December 12, 2019, two swimmers at The Ellis School, did the set.

Swimmer A
  • Total time: 17.31
  • Swim time: 17:06
  • Total seconds swimming is 1,026
  • Divided by 6 = 171 seconds = 2:51 average per 100
  • Cruise interval 1 = 2:56
  • Cruise interval 2 = 3:01
  • Cruse interval 3 = 3:06
Swimmer E
  • Total time: 13.51
  • Swim time: 13.26
  • Total seconds swimming is 806
  • Divided by 6 = 134.3 seconds = 2:14.3 average per 100
  • Cruise interval 1 = 2:19.3
  • Cruise interval 2 = 2:24.3
  • Cruse interval 3 = 2:29.3
Results on blackboard

Two swimmers, E of middle school, and A, a rookie HS swimmer in her first weeks on the team, did the set.  

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60-minute challenge for distance, 50 swim / 50 kick (test set)

Test Set

Test set with swimming and kicking takes one hour

Do a 50 swim and a 50 kick. Then take 15-seconds rest. 
Repeat as many as possible in the 60-minutes.
Team did it freestyle.

End of season approaches and today's top groups had a 60 minute challenge set. 100m front crawl reps (50 swim, 50 kick) 15 seconds rest between repeats. How far in the hour.New club best set of 3,282m including 1,632m of kick. Showed me those older swimmers with desire and there was a tear up the last 100m between 3 of them trying to set a new best

Author of original posting is uncertain. What is posted above was done in a meter-pool. Not sure if it was short-course or long-course.


Could do for different lengths of time. Total time could be 30-minutes rather than 60, for example.

Could do in a yards or meter pool, and short-course or long-course.

Could do for different distances instead of 50s. How about 25s or even 75s and 100s. 

Could change the rest interval as well. Rather than just 15-seconds, why not 10-seconds or 20-seconds, or 30-seconds. 

Could do with fins or without. 

Could do the swimming as pulling. 

Kickboards permitted?

What about switching strokes too. Why not do it freestyle.

INSERT the form here. RAW.

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Terry Laughlin’s two test sets on stroke efficiency with descending 100s. See his article.

Elsewhere , Test Set

See the nice article elsewhere by the Total Immersion founder, Coach Terry Laughlin. His tip is to do 50s or 100s and count the total number of strokes for the entire distance. Perhaps it is 77. Most of the time, I've always counted each length as its own result. But Terry's approach makes sense for getting one value for the entire distance, generally a 50-yard or 100-yard distance.

Summary for 50s or 100s

One version:  Maintain the same stroke count while descending the swims' final time.

Other version: Maintain the same stroke tempo with the help of a Tempo Trainer or a Marlin (both are wearable devices) and descend the swims' final time.


  • Repeats, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Distances, 50-yards, 100-yards
  • Interval, 
  • Maintaining stroke count - or - Maintain tempo, and -- at what value
  • Results in total swim times

Questions to answer with data

  • How much can you descend without adding strokes? 
  • Another day, repeat the same series, but keeping Tempo constant instead. How much can you descend now?
  • Can you repeat the same results on another day but with an adjusted temp. See if a slower tempo allows a larger improvement in time.

insert form here - not done yet

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Omega does first year of Open Water Swimming national event for USA Swimming

Elsewhere , Equipment , Video

Omega, welcome to the open water events in 2019

The finish line is watched with four high-speed cameras, each at 100-frames per second. Then there can be a video review of the exact order of finish. 

Strange that some races have the swimmers going a 10K distance, or even a 5K distance, and have the finish boil down to fractions of a seconds. 

The swimmers travel under the super-structure that looks like a bridge and then they reach upwards, out of the water, and touch the pads to record their finish. 

Other options with AutoCoach

Another option if you don't have all that money to invest into the rental of the Omega equipment, is to deploy an AutoCoach Timing System. The AutoCoach system is used at Cross Country Track Meets, That would capture the time of the race, but there would need to be a timer. More on that to come in the future. 

A four camera security system can also be deployed to watch for the numbers on the swimmers' caps.  

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